MyPassport and MyPassport Ultra - Smartware and SmartwarePro

These maybe obvious questions but here goes…

I have a MyPassport with Smartware running and have just bought a MyPassport Ultra.

MyPassport operates Smartware but it seems that Ultra uses SmartwarePro.

Question 1:

Will Ultra work with Smartware basic?

Question 2:

Is SmartwarePro on Ultra free or is it a premium purchase?

Question 3:

Related to the first two questions really - do I have to run Smartware AND SmartwarePro in order to be able to use both drives

Please be gentle with any explanations - brain is panicking over prospect of having to raise a support ticket:confounded:

Hi magosa,

1: Yes

2: The Smartware Pro license is included free with My Passport Ultra.

3: You can use Smartware Pro for both drives.

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Thank you