MyPassport 500GB wont recognize a USB Flash Memory for backup

Using my SmartWare software I want to back up my Hard Drive and the content of a 8 GB Usb memory, but the software doesn’t recognize the USB memory.

I have rebooted the computer and my passport and the usb memory.

Any suggestions?:crying_cat_face:



In this case you can manually backup the content on the USB Flash memory

Uhhh, how?:confounded:

Yes, I have the same problem with My Passport 2T and WD SmartWare Pro 2.0.1.

To do a manual backup click on the Windows START button, then click on Computer. Windows Explorer will open and show all of the drives and USB solid state memory cards/flash drives. Highlight in blue the Flash Memory device you wish to copy, then right click on it, select COPY, then left click. Now, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where WD SmartWare has backed up your C drive and other hard drives. Right click on that folder, select NEW, FOLDER, then left click on it, and enter the name of your USB Flash Drive, for example, “DRIVE I SanDisk Cruzer Glide Backup” (without the quotes). Then click on that newly created folder and open it. It should be empty with no files present. Right click anywhere within that folder, select PASTE, and left click on it.

The entire contents of that drive will now be copied into that folder. Since this is a manual backup, you will have to update it yourself any time that you add, change, or delete files from your USB Flash Drive, using the above steps.

It’s much easier than it sounds. I hope this helps. There may also be other ways of doing a manual backup.