MyPassport 2TB connected to USB on Arris TG862 modem

Having my new MyPassport 2TB drive connected to my Arris TG862 modem, I am having issues having my 2 computers connect to the MyPassport when booting up. Using Win7 Pro & WinVista.

I am trying to have the MyPassport act as my backup for both computers, hence the connection via the Arris TG862 modem USB.

Is there software available for backup using this connection?

Being a Comcast customer, using Norton, at the moment I have Norton Backup directed to the MyPassport, but with the issues of both computers not seeing the MyPassport leaves me concerned that the backups are not being performed.

Thanks in advance for your help,



This drive has not been designed to work on a network environment. It has been designed to backup as many computers as you want but only one at a time. This drive will work perfectly if you have it plugged into the USB port of your computer, we cannot guarantee that this drive will work if you have it plugged into a modem or router.

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