MyPassport 2 TB emits a click sound every few seconds

Hello everyone.
I apologize for the mistakes in text.
English is not my native language.

So. I am the owner of external HDD WD MyPassport 2 TB.
It stopped being detected by Windows (and Linux too) and emits a click sound every about 1-2 seconds.

The sound is like:

“Clicking Heads”, but the first 7 seconds(!)

The block of magnetic heads has gone out of order (I think so).
Looks like the disc is corrupted. But the data is important to me. Lots of family photos and videos (the first years of a child’s life etc.)

There is an opinion that HDD can no longer be connected to USB in this state.
If connected, the disc may be scratched. This is the opinion of service centers for data recovery. And recover data will be very very expensive. Up to $1000.

But in support of WD, I was told what I can connect.
“You need to connect and try to recover data using tools.”
…“I ask you to try to test the drive for errors S.M.A.R.T.”
I’m afraid to make things worse. The probability of a successful recovery will be less. And more expensive.

Well. Can I try utilities? Which ones?
Or is it better to do nothing? And I go to a data recovery center?

I would be grateful for any advice.
Any opinion is important to me.

Hi Pan8800,

If the drive is not showing up in the computer and is making the clicking sound then most probably the drive has gone bad and the best option to recover the data is to contact the Data Recovery company.

Please refer to the link given below in order to contact the recommended 3rd party Data Recovery companies.