MyPassport 1tb not recognized by the my laptop

When I connected myPassport 1 tb hard drive its not being recognised the light is blinking on the hard drive and when I m able to hear the some sound  from the hard some spinning sound . but it is not openiing on the laptop or pc or any other laptops . Please help me out . I recently purchased it around 4 months back .

Check if it’s recognized on the disk management window, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs.

I have the same problem.  It recognizes the external hard drive but it says “BAD PCB”.  When I try to click on the icon, it brings up the WD Ses USB Device Properties dialog box.  For the device status, it says, "The drivers for this device are not installed.  (Code 28)  Any ideas?

I have had the same problem.  In my case it appears to be either a bad cord or a bad USB port.

Try using a different port or cord and that may solve your problem


It still will not work.  I still get the same message.

yeah still got the same problem … 

Same issue.  Brand new Dell Win 8 64x & brand new WD My Passport 1tb connected through USB3 directly.  Nothing.  Doesn’t recognize it in Computer or Disc Management.

Someone please help or this is going back today.