MyNet N900 Central internal storage not detected

The internal 2TB HDD in my router is no longer being detected as either a network drive or inside the WD router UI. I go to “set up storage” and the hard drive isn’t detected (it was previously). I am running the latest firmware. I’m thinking my hard drive is dead, but wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas before I get a replacement under warranty.


If doing the regular reset or powercycle didn’t get the drive working again you need to replace the unit

This is odd. The drive just popped back up in my network list and the files are there, but the router UI still does not detect it. The router UI is supposed to see the internal storage under “Set up Storage” right?

Yes it’s supposed to show there

if any data to backup up proceed ASAP

I’m having strange issues as well.  Currently my PS3 and TV connected find the hard drive but my iMac isn’t, it used to although it was kinda hit/miss now it won’t find it in the finder at all, after resets etc.  Any idea what’s going on?  

I am having the same issues. This is now my second N900 central as WD had my RMA my first one out. However, I am hard to believe these are HD issues. Atleast for me, if I go into Format Drive and format the Internal Drive, it works again. However, after a week or two, it disappears again.

All I am doing is, backing up 2 machines over the network via Genie Timeline Pro 2012. I have opened another call with WD about this, as I am not sure if it is because the backup software writes a lot of small files or what. At this point, I am really disappointed, as I was looking to use this device to replicate my Time Machines setups on my macs, but for my Windows machines.