MyNet N600: Wireless Network Extender

I note the N600 has a function called Device Mode, described below:

"Device Mode – Configure your router to operate in router mode or extender mode. When
the router is used as an access point, extender mode adds wireless capability to your
existing network, expanding Internet access to all the computers in your home."

Can I use the N600 as a wireless extender i.e. connect to my ADSL router via wi-fi via one channel and extend the range of the wireless network over the other?

If so how do I achieve this.

Thanks for your help,



For that you will need to use the WD My Net range extender since the N600 will need to have the Ethernet cable attached to it.

For more information about the Range Extender check the link below.

So if I get this right. With the N600 in Extend mode it acts like a switch and a Access Point? So all traffic routes through the cat5 cable back to my main router.


Hence, if I use the n600 and connect it to an existnig network cable, hardwired, i can convert the router to a hub, with wireless and utlise the usb port for storage.  I am trying to setup a video server of sorts in a room where there is no wireless, so I can stream through tthe WD Tv live box, or more then one.