MyNet 750 with MyBook 3T Network

Hello, I have recently purchased a MyNet 750 to couple with my 3TB MyBook external hard drive as a media server and if possible cloud storage.

I have been successful in connecting my computer and accessing the files on the server, albeit the connect seems very slow. But I have not been able to connect any of my other devices to access the media on the MyBook via the MyNet router.

The devices I have are:

iPhone 4

iPad 2

HTC HD7 WindowsPhone 7.5

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

My Laptop is a Windows 7 Gateway.

So what I am looking to be able to do, and what i thought I could do when I purchased the MyNet Router, is connect the MyBook hard drive (which has all my movies, shows and music on it (and some back up files as well)) to the MyNet Router and be able to access the media from my the various devices wirelessly.

Additionally I would like to be able to access my printer, which is connected to the MyNet router via USB from my devices as well (Laptop, iPad and Surface at least).

I have tried to get some tech support directly from WD, but no luck.

if anyone can help me sort out this problem that would be much appreciated.



First you need to map the device.

Check the link below, it might help you.