myClout ex2 ultra can write to, can read individual files, to copy entire folder fails

I was able to setup the nas and migrate data to it at decent speed - in the area of 60MBps.
At this moment I am able to access the files individualy, no problem. I even left the nas couple of days to digest new files… I was also able to perform backup on the external USB drive.

But - if I try to copy, move, delete a folder with more than 10 files to any of my computers… I get network error 0x8007003B and the operation has to be aborted.

There is no network issue or client OS issue as I was able to transfer the files to the wd nas from the same machine I have problems now. I am also able to use another NAS (a freenas box) with no problems at all (connected to the same switch).

Hello domajnko,

Do you have some anti-virus software installed and set to scan network drive, temporarily disable it, check if that is the cause.

I also suggest you update the firmware of your router.


I already disabled the antivirus software. No change.

The router can not be the cause as I can normaly work with another NAS in
the same network, I was also able to dump the data to the WD NAS over the

Any other idea what to do to get to the data?



Hello domajnko,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support