MyCloudEX2Ultra slow transfer speed

Hello guys. I am new here and I totally need your help. I recently bought the MyCloudEX2Ultra with 2x4TB.

My setup is a gigabit ISP router and a a xiaomi wifi Mi Router 4A (R4AC) which is gigabit wifi and 100mbps WAN. The NAS is connected with the Mi router with ethernet (green light). All the cables are cat5e. I am only getting 11mb/s (100mbps)

Any help??


How are you trying to connect to the network? 11mb/s sounds like a PC using wifi to connect to your network. 2.4ghz? WiFi would be the weak link.

Not sure what “gigabit wifi” is. . . .I would call it unusual to have 100mbs WAN and anything else about the router have GB speeds.

If you want faster transfers. . . you want a wired network connection to your PC

i am using an imac over 5Ghz wifi.