MyCloudEX2Ultra out of memory causing lighthttpd and samba to die

My NAS was working perfectly prior to OS5. I’m now on 5.06.115 and every single time my NAS boots up, it runs out of RAM and services completely die. I have no idea what’s using all the RAM. And it looks like it might be a memory leak. I can sometimes log in via ssh and restart samba. But I cannot restart lighthttpd. The only way to get it functional is a hard reboot. And then it does the same thing over again after a couple of hours.

@jpowerstech Can you please collect the system logs and send to support?

I already have a case escalated and waiting on level 3 support. It’s been a week since I heard anything at all from WD support.


I guess it’s moot as 5.07.118 was just released minutes ago.