MyCloudEX2 Copying files on wifi mapped network drive stops

Hi all,


I have a new 3TB MyCloudEX2 in a raid 1

AVG is disabled

the braodcom wifi adapter is fully configured to channel 6 wireless 6

the public share folder is a mapped network drive under windows 7

when I am copying a folder from my computer to the NAS drive containging large ( > 5Mb) files randomly the connection will drop with the error 'there is a problem connecting to … make sure you are connected to the network and try agai" I am forced to skip the transfer of the specific file causing the problem… There is no pattern to the dropout. All the file sizes are different, so it’s not a threshold issue.

what this means Is that I can’t just drag and drop a folder full of data and let it back up - I need to be physically sat at the machine.

anyone seen this? I’m using a virgin media homehum router on the 2.4 GHz frequency. It’s a real pain in the backside. 


I would recommend testing if you also experience the same results with a wired connected. It is possible for this issue to be related to wireless behavior.