MyCloudEX2 Backup to MyCloudPR4100

i have a MyCloudEX2 that Windows Server Backup at my office points to. I’m trying to get it setup to point a Remote Backup from it to my MyCloudPR4100 that I have at home(Which mostly runs my Plex Server but has plenty of room).
I have followed all these instructions located here. My Cloud OS 3: Create a Remote Backup
My router at my office is not UPnP however. But I dont know if its is needed at the Source Location and why it would be needed at the source. My home router is UPnP and enabled. Both units are running latest versions of FW.
Now one thing that does seem to trip me up is after setting the port forwarding rules in my home router and using to confirm that 873 and 22 are good to go. When I go into my PR4100 and Settings and Network and select the SSH Details under Port Forwarding says Checking and then says Failed. I can do the same for Remote Backups and it says Checking then OK.
Which makes no sense to me because I can Putty into my PR4100 at home from my Office at work. So I know all the ports and port forwarding is correct.
So while setting up the Remote Backup Job on the Source unit. I enter in everything but when I click Browse for Destination folder it just says please wait. Eventual the session login will time out and I have to re-login.

Any ideas?


Hello abruno,

In order to set up Remote backup, routers connected at source and destination must support UPnP and UPnP enabled.