Mycloud won't disconnect

Hello all, I bought a 3TB MyCloud recently and have been trying to learn all about it (this is all new to me). I am only  concerned with remote access from a public computer. I created and authorized mycloud  log-in accts for 2 users.

  1. I went to library and logged-in 1st user…no issues…then I logged that user oujt.

  2. After 2 - 3 minutes I tried to log-in my second user and got “only one log-in allowed at a time…need to disconnect other connections…and try again” (or similar wording).

  3. I see an active connection in my Windows Explorer Network folder but cant see a way to dis-connect it.

  4. Same situation occured yest’day and I had to re-boot mty desktop to remedy it.

Thanks in advance for any help for this dummy.

It’s default design by windows. One password protected share per windows account. Logoff and relogin to use another password protected share from the same nas. If you have save the login previously and want to remove it permanently, remove it from users account, windows credentials.