MyCloud WITHOUT a router?

I’m not the most technically able, so this may be a silly question…I currently have very SLOW AT&T U-verse for my internet service. I am thinking of just going with Verizon 4G since I’m on an unlimited data plan, is there any way to configure my WDMyCloud without the AT&T router? I’ll just be using my Android Mobile Hotspot feature as my access point for my home network. 

Thanks for any advice you can give. 

yes, you will need to set a static IP address and won’t have any cloud remote access but it will work on the LAN

if you don’t have a router hooked up when you configure it the MC will default to an address that I can’t recall at the moment but you will need this and set your PC to an IP on the same subnet in order to configure it. it will be easier if you can configure it before getting rid of the router, also rememer you will need statis IPs for everything on your LAN

You can, but we would recommend you to stick with using the AT&T router since you’ll need to configure quite few things in order to bypass your AT&T router and turn your PC into a router instead. You would probably end up getting the same results as you would with the AT&T router. Your slow internet service (wan) won’t affect the speed of internal (lan) transfers within your home network.

  1. Connect WDMyCloud (NAS) directly to your PC via it’s lan port. If you have only one lan port on your PC and no wifi adapter available, then you will have no internet access from both NAS and PC, this also means no other device can access the NAS except the PC. So you’ll need at least two physical network adapters (lan or wlan) to accomplish this without being restricted to only PC and NAS.

  2. Enable Internet Connection Sharing on the PC network adapter which is connected to your AT&T router. This should also automatically assign IP to the other PC network adapter (the one connected to WDMyCloud). If DHCP fails, you will need to assign static IP to it.

  3. To allow external cloud access, you’ll need to manually assign the port forwarding in the Internet Connection Sharing->Settings tab. This goes the same to the settings in WDMyCloud Dashboard which needs manual configurations.

Hope it helps…

Thanks for your help. I had to look up some of the acronyms, since I’m not that computer literate! The goal here is to get rid of AT&T completely and just use my 4G service (it is more than 10x faster then the ATT DSL which downloaded at only 0.72mbps!)  Still a bit confused on things like setting static IP and configuring the network adapter, etc. I’ll keep looking for some dumbed-down solutions!