Mycloud & TV: playback of both music and photos eventually loses connection

Hi Folks,

Over the last 4 months or so when we have visitors and decide to reminisce with photos and also misten to some music - which is all on MyCloud at home - it plays for a while on my connected LG TV then has a “something has happened” message.
Seems to be dropping connection but am not sure if it is the TV, wifi or MyCloud.
Have connected the MYCloud to my virgin Hub 3.0 router.
I have not purchased a EX8000 Nighthawk as a wifi access point and the problem is still present so it’s not the wifi.
The Nighthawk is also now connected by ethernet cable to the router.

Any ideas on things to try as this is getting really annoying - didn’t used to do this!

the problem come from MCH. The actual transfer’s speed (very low) don’t allow to do two thing at same time. The SAV already works on that issue. We are waiting for them.

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thx, the problem occurs when I listen to music OR look at photo’s not necessarily doing both at the same time.
This appears a relatively recent problem as previously (a few months ago) it didnt occur.

What is MCH in this context?

I’m sorry for my late answer. MCH is My Cloud Home. Concerning your problem, I don’t have it. I can play music with any phone or computer (also android tv) without problem in local and on net.