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Wow, okay just an update this worked, I have all my data again and I’m in the middle of backing it up.
Now I’m not sure on whether I should continue using this drive or replacing it.

"1. Log onto the drive, root and welc0me are the default username/password combo.
2. Make sure your paritions are intact. # parted -l will tell you this.
3. Type # mke2fs -n /dev/sda4. This will get you the filesystem, but more importantly at the end give you the superblock backup locations by block location.
4. Pick one, then enter this command.
e2fsck -b blocknumber /dev/sda4

It will look for bad blocks and ask for your confirmation to continue/ignore then write over any corrupted ones. Yes to ignore, yes to rewrite.

It will do up to five passes of diagnostics, prompting if it finds anything out of the ordinary such as file countes and errant inodes. I answered yes to everything.

When it is complete it will either report “Killed” or a summary. Type # reboot and let the drive rebuild its library. 30-ish minutes later (depending on how much data you had on it) you should have access to your files."