MyCloud SLEEPS Too Much

This forum has been helpful in the past. MyCloud constantly goes off line or in to sleep mode. Have a 6TB MyCloud connected to a Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway G1100 (? Is this a router or a modem or what?). I have a DELL desktop running W10 although I purchased it with W7. Evertyhing is connected with E’net Cat6 cables.

The Cloud is constantly going off line or in to sleep mode. I have been on the fone and exchanging email with WD for several months now to include 6 fone calls and five hours and an hour remote in session this last Sat. They’ve had me turn off the sleep mode; we disconnected it from the GB switch and connected direct to the Gateway G1100; we replaced the ethernet Cat6 cable because they attributed the failures to that; I even disconnected ethernet from Dell and plugged Cloud direct, via e’net, to the DELL. In every case, after the Cloud is rebooted, it is visible in MS Explorer, I have access to files and have access to the Cloud dashboard on line. And the fone calls end. And then in every case, within 10-15 minutes of inactivity the Cloud goes silent, asleep, off line…essentially, not visible or functional.

WD now claims that there is something wrong with my network or router or router configuration. But wont provide possible configuration edits. And they have recommended that I take the Cloud to a friend’s or neighbors to test on their network. I bought it at MicroCenter and they won’t do that.

Any thoughts on how to keep MyCloud awake and active?

A Google search will help you. See User Manual too, VERIZON FIOS-G1100 QUANTUM USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

For more on the My Cloud visit this link and read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

The device going to sleep does not cause it to disconnect from the network. Try going to the router manual
around page 162 it talks about giving the device a fixed IP address based on the mac address. Alot of people
have done this it is called dhcp reservation on other routers. You set the My Cloud to dhcp and in the router
assign a fixed IP address Also you could try to unplug the network cable and plug it back in. Does this make the device visible again? When you unplug the network cable on a gen1 device the led starts blinking white. On the
gen2 the led turns red. When the cable is plugged back in the led turns blue. Also when the device is sleeping the blue led fades on and off. When solid blue it is not sleeping.

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Good Morning rac8006; thanks for the tip on the DHCP setting; i’ll try that. although I don’t know what DHCP means. I thought I did noticed that the DHCP Server toggle on the My Cloud is on but i’ll check.

In conversations with Western Digital we’ve turned off the router and My Cloud, unplugged cables and tried several other ‘reset’ options. Yes, in every case after powering everything back up again the My Cloud is visible in Windows Explorer and I can get to the dashboard on line. But again, after a short period of inactivity it goes ‘undetected’ again. I don’t know if that is sleep mode of disconnected or what. I know that it is no longer accessible in Explorer or through the dashboard.

For example, the LED is solid blue now and I can’t access the device.

hi Cat Ow; thanks so much for this…really. I am old school and if a manual doesn’t come in the box I don’t think of going to find one and this didn’t occur to me at all. I’ll them both a review this weekend. and yes, while the UM doesn’t say "the Fios Quantum Gateway G1100 is a router’ there are several references throughout the UM to it being a ‘router’. not sure why the TP-Link tech needed to know that but this certainly helps.

Most ISPs supply a single-box, integrated modem/router these days; ADSL modems are now implemented in a small chip or chipset. So it’s pretty rare to have a pure modem, connected to a separate router. The latter may be more common with optical fibre connections.