MyCloud shown as 'Out Of Region' on support site

On registering the 3TB MyCloud that I purchased on the 10th of June from Argos, the warranty status is listed as ‘out of region’ with the expiry being the 15th of February 2016.

Futhermore, on checking via entering the serial into the warranty checker, this shows the same date, which cannot be correct considering when it was purchased.

I have opened a support case to hopefully get this corrected, but it has been ignored for nearly 3 days now.

Does anyone have any idea why this obviously incorrect information is being shown?

Furthermore, how can I get it corrected considering western digital support seem to completely ignore support requests?

Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

I’m sure the support team can fix that for you. 

To update the warranty information, send the support team an email with the POP (Proof of purchase) and they will update the warranty starting from the purchased date.

Thanks for the reply. I actually had a reply earlier today to the support case (After another moderator passed it on to the support team) I opened the other day stating that the reason for the out of region message was that my country was somehow set to US instead of UK, and they had corrected this.

The expiry date was still wrong however, so I replied to the e-mail earlier, attaching a copy of the ereciept from Argos.

I’m just waiting on them to actually correct the end date now.

Since you’re in the UK, your purchase is covered by the Sale of Goods Act, which gives considerable consumer protection, usually better than a warranty offered by US manufacturers (the terms of the warranty cannot undermine SoGA, either). Your contract under this protection is with the supplier, though, not the manufacturer. So, in the event of a failure, you have a choice of pursuing a SoGA claim with Argos, or using any additional protection WD’s warranty might offer.

Always worth knowing your rights under SoGA; too many retailers try to fob customers off.