MyCloud Share has gone missing on my iMac... again

This has happened so often, I finally gave up and let my two MyCloud drives sit there. They are on my iMac and both show blue LEDs lit. I’ve don’t the 4 second resets. What irks me is that they don’t appear in Finder or on my Desktop like my other USB and Firewire drives. Why is it that they can’t stay connected? I’m terrified (well almost) thinking about storing any data/pictures on a drive that comes and goes. And if you google it… you see its not just an isolated occurrence. A lot of people seems to be having similar problems but with a USB drive it never seems to happen.

Is there any bulletproof was to mount these MyCloud drives so that I can access them as easily as my HDD, USB drive, and Firewire drive?


You can see this KBA-

Your drive is not showing in finder follow this KBA-

To RESET the drive-

Thanks for the reply. I have two (2) MyCloud white drives and I’ve had problems accessing them ever since I got them. Im a retired Graphic/Industrial designer and I have a lot of image files as well as videos of new product prototypes being demonstrated. I have managed to get my original 1st drive somewhat accessible, still trying to figure out a few things:

  1. First of all, I’d like to differentiate between Drive A and Drive B. I tried the 40 second reset to ensure that it was set at defaults. Then I went into the dashboard and tried to rename the drive to “MyCloudOne”. I can only log on as a guest, because it won’t accept the Admin/No Password.

  2. When I do get access to that first drive, it seems to only allow me access to a certain selected share or partition. So instead of seeing an “MyCloudOne” icon on the RHS of my screen, I see a drive icon and its “pictures”. Also, even though its checked off in preferences, no reference to the MyCloudOne drive appears in the LHS column of a Finder window with all my other HDD, Firewire HDD, USB HDD, and USB stick. Why is that?

  3. I’m attempting to “kickstart” my second WD MyCloud drive by performing the 40 Second reset. I have to run a couple of errands and when I get back I will see if you or anyone else has responded with some tips on how to get both drives showing up on my desktop, and also in the Finder LHS column. Maybe some tips on how to rename a drive when you have two (2) MyCloud drives and you want to make sure where you’re putting files.

Thanks in advance for the help.-Mike

Couple of suggestions. When initially setting up two My Cloud devices, it might help to keep the second one off (unpowered) when setting up the first one. Make sure both units have different names. For example if you leave the first My Cloud name at the default name of “My Cloud”, the second My Cloud may become confused when it is powered on after a 40 second reset since it too will have the default name of “My Cloud”.

Either set a static IP for each My Cloud in the Dashboard or better assign/reserve different static IP addresses in your network router to each My Cloud to ensure each device is grabbing a different IP address.

You may need to restart the network router and network client devices after setting up the My Clouds so the router hands out the correct information to the network devices.

That sounds encouraging… my provider is Comcast and currently I’m using their Router/Modem. I’m an ancient senior, so my tech experience is very limited, but I follow clear instructions fairly well LOL. How does one go about assigning different static IP addresses on the router? I tried installing a utility called angryIP to see what the IP addresses of the two drives were but only found one drive, so I think your suggestion of name confusion is correct.

So for the first step, you’re suggesting that I power one drive OFF, focus on the first drive, and assign it a unique name (is MyCloudOne unique enough?) and then try to assign it a specific static IP address? If that goes OK, will I see the drive itself appearing in the LH side of Finder and also on my Desktop as an icon?

Assuming that step one works, I would then power down MyCloudOne, power up the 2nd drive and repeat the process using a unique name and static IP? I saw a video where a WD NAS drive user said the easiest way to access/see your drive was to use Finder/Go/Connect to Server/then select the IP address. Great if you know the IP address! Might be if I learn how to set a static IP (thats semi-permanent right?) I can make note of them on my bulletin board so won’t be stuck.

Thanks in advance for the help.-Mike

You could do that if you want as a troubleshooting step.

One can find the IP address (assuming the My Cloud is using DHCP and not Static IP in the Dashboard) in the network router. Most routers will have a page that displays the client DHCP addresses.

It also helps to map a My Cloud Share (if you haven’t done so already) to the computer. Since you are using a Mac the following details how to do so.

Bennor… Thanks for the help and the link. I followed it to the “T” and while I can “Map” the drive according to the instructions, neither the drive nor the mapped partition appears in the Finder Sidebar where all my drives normally show up. What does show up is the specific Mapped Partition and it appears over on the desktop under my other external connected USB drive. It also doesn’t seem to stay there forever… IOW, if I power down and restart I have to Map the partition all over again.

Is there a way to make the complete drive (all partitions/shares) show up in the Finder Side Bar? Or at least have the drive automatically show up on each restart like other drives? I did rename the drives with unique names and even the Admin aspect. I think I’m getting closer LOL… but I need some additional help!

Thanks again… Mike