MYCLOUD PR4100 Expansion

I have my 4x4TB Pr4100 setup as Raid 10. I am running out of storage space and need to expand it.

Can I just switch out two of the four drives in sequence from 4TB to 8 or 12TB or do I need to switch all four to get the expansion?

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Most raids require all units to be of same size or they will just use the lowest common denominator for all the volumes. You can use the extra orphan space as a separate partition, but it won’t be part of the raid.

I ran into a 24TB MyCloud PR4100 on Amazon at a very good price. So, I decided to go the second system route rather than the capacity expansion route.

I may be sorry since the 6TB Drives populating the system are “SMR” rather than the “CMR” technology I would get with 8 or 10 TB Drives. Time will tell as I “save my money” and “pay my price”.

Well that (Amazon supplied PR4100) did not go well. On the shipping notice, I was informed the unit to be supplied is “used” in “acceptable” condition.

I’m not willing to trust my storage to a device with unknown history.

This now brings up the availability question for the “PR” series. Does anyone know if they will ever be generally available again?

Yeah - - -amazon is becoming increasingly unreliable as a “source”

As near as people can tell; wd has been slowly working themselves out of the high-end NAS business. It does appear the MyCloud line as a whole is being phased out. A number of products are simply not available, even through WD. Certainly - the software development seems to have stopped a few years ago (except for security patches)

There is still the “Home” line - - - > which has very different (inferior) functionality and should be avoided.

There are good choices from other vendors.

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