Mycloud page never ends loading

mycloud page never ends loading.

executing nslookup its OK:

All OK in status NAS:

Please help! I have much troubles with mycloud!!

Something to try, are all shares set as Private with your login? do you have any share set as Public? If not can you set on to Public and try again?

I set one shared to public and problem persists event after restart. >.< -

the problem occurs when I try to enter from

ty for your reply but problem persists.

@rdiazcovisol Did you logout of and login with the same user name after setting one of the shares to Public? If so, please contact support with your My Cloud system logs so that we can assist.

Spinning circle when logged into

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I have the same problem could you solve it? This happens to me when I give read-only access to folders and the problem is only reflected in browsers since the mobile application is working fine.

problem still persists :c . you solved?

the only solution that I could find is to give an empty folder with all the privileges with all the privileges, and the other folders that I want to share just give them read access, apparently when trying to access via the web, it has conflicts with the permissions of folders, but that solution helped me, try and tell me.

Hi Angel87413

I used your recommendation and it resolved my issue. Is there a software upgrade or another permanant fixed for this issue? Reason for asking is too many folder are being created and it is cluttering my dash board with unnecessary folder which are not bing used for the intended purpose of the system.