MyCloud OS3 - still connected to my home router

Hi all,
I’m a bit confused about what I need to do (or don’t need to do) with the recent change of remote access being removed from my MyCloud running OS3.

I have never used remote access, so the fact that has gone is not a problem. Things are still working at home such as syncing photos off devices and accessing music library.

The email messages from WD implied there’s more that I need to do…but it’s not clear. The device is connected to my router which came from my ISP so are there any security related changes I need to make? I’m guessing that my router should block unwanted access to the MyCloud - but not 100% sure on this.

Thoughts/advice all gratefully received.



WD has more information about the end of OS3 Support at the following link (if you haven’t seen it already).

My Cloud OS3 End of Service

WD generally recommends one update their My Cloud to the latest firmware. If one’s My Cloud can be updated to OS5 then one should consider doing so. (OS5 Supported Devices) The latest (last/final) OS3 firmware will supposedly; “disabled remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services”. Check the Support page for your My Cloud device to see what the latest firmware is for your specific My Cloud model and version is. For the single bay, single drive first generation My Cloud devices the latest is: Firmware Release 04.06.00-111 (4/15/2022).

WD also recommends (per their End of Service article) that one also does the following; “disconnect it from the internet, and then protect it with a strong, unique password.” One should check the router or gateway their My Cloud is connected to and see what options that router/gateway has for blocking internet broadband access to/from the OS3 My Cloud device. Certain consumer routers will have an option to block broadband access to a specific local network client. Note: If one blocks all broadband traffic to the My Cloud it may affect the My Cloud’s ability to set it’s network time (NTP). One may have to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and reconfigure the NTP option and set the time/date manually or configure the My Cloud to use use a local network NTP server.