Mycloud OS3 Android app cannot connect to my devide

I downloaded Mycloud OS3 from Google Play to My Samsung Tab S5e. When opening the app I get the message: “Something went wrong. We’re having trouble connecting to your device.” The power is on and the Tab is connected to the internet. In the app, the menu on the left shows my device MyCloudEX2Ultra, but I cannot connect to it. What can I do?
The same app works perfectly with my phone OnePlus 5T.


You could refer to the following link:


I tried the instructions in the link you sent (and elsewhere in the internet). Still cannot access my MyCloudEX2ULTRA from my tab.

When I try to sign in to account from my Samsung Tab S5e using the app MyCloud OS3 I receive a message “Incorrect email or password”. When I click “Forgot password” I am directed the page, but my Firefox cannot find the server at What is wrong here?