MyCloud on Mac

Hey there, 

I’m new to MyCloud and overall – I’m a fan.  I do have one item that I havn’t been able to find in the documentation that I’m hoping I can get some direction on.  Not to talk about the competition, but I’d like my Cloud to function like or similar to Google Drive or Dropbox on my Mac… and it doesn’t appear that it does.  Basically, what I’m looking for is that content on my external Cloud will 1. have a mapping or favorite in Finder and 2. that the data in myCloud is cached to the device.  The idea being that I would have access to the content even when I’m offline.  Even, if the offline capability doesn’t work, I’d still be interested in a MyCloud presence in Finder.  Right now, I’m starting MyCloud every time I go to access a file.  

Any input/feedback is appreciated.  

I would like to know the same. I too am using this with 4 imacs. Also, is there a way to create shares other than by user?  I would rather have generic names other than the users name.

Think yourself lucky my brand new Mycloud is unable to communicate with any of the macbook pros in our house.  No help from WD. Utter waste of money.  Hopefully get a refund

What seems to be the issue exactly?