MyCloud not syncing?

MyCloud is not syncing folders/files between my laptop and iPad.  Tech services said I needed to install " WD SmartWare Update for Windows" to sync any changes made to a file.  This download didn’t make a difference for me.

I bought the MyCloud to use as a backup, but I’d like to have my updated files with me on the iPad.

Windows 7 on the laptop.

iOS7 on the iPad Air.

What app are you using to connect from the iPad to My cloud?

The WD Smartware allows you to backup you files to the My Cloud but is not a synchronization software.

Files that are backed up to the My Cloud will be showing on your iPad. 

Files you delete on your computer won’t be deleted on the drive unless you delete them.

The software uses the drive as a backup target so you can retrieve the files any time you need them.

I’m using MS Synctoy.  I think I’ll give Dropbox a try as I need files sync’ed on all devices.

Thanks, Salin