MyCloud music playback in lock screen?

When ever im playing a song on the Mycloud app and my phone go’s into screen lock the music playback stops. 

Is there a way to stop this happening?

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Which mobile operating system do you use? is it Android or iOS? Does this happen locally or remotely?

Im using IOS 8.1.2 on a iphone 6 and logged in remotely. I havent tried it in my house yet. 

This is a bug with the app since the get-go with the MPW.  I have reported it and someone at WD is working on it.  What device are you streaming from to your iphone so it can be added to the list if necessary?

Im using a 4tb my cloud

Thanks, i will let the WD guy know.  This just confirms it is the app and not the device.  BTW, the Android version does not have this issue.