MyCloud Mirror - HELP: DLNA disabled and console page not loading

Hello everyone,
a few days ago my MyCloudMirror Gen 1 6TB had a problem. The DLNA no longer works (without me having done anything to disable it) and therefore I can no longer access contents from any SmartTV without using Plex.
The curious part is thet if I try to enter the WDMCM console, in the Settings> Multimedia content page, I see that in fact DLNA is set to OFF but I can’t do anything to reactivate it because the page crashes, doesn’t load and after a while the console disconnects itself.
Does anyone have any idea what happened and how can I fix it?
Many thanks in advance!


Hi mauroriz,

You can do a 4 second and 40 second reset in order to resolve your issue with your device. You can refer to the link below for further information.

It has worked: the 4-seconds reset was enough to make DLNA reappear.
Thank you very much john15!


UPDATE: after a couple of days the problem reappeared itself. The 40 second reset hasn’t changed anything… :sob: