MyCloud Mirror - disk issue?

MyCloudMirror 4TB
current firmware: 5.08.115

  • red light on front of panel for Drive1
  • Home > Device > Diagnostics > Drive Status reports Fault
  • Storage> Disk Status > System Disks reports Bad
  • Settings > Utilities > System Diagnostic > Disk Test > Full Test … reports nothing wrong
  • after rebooting still have red light at front and reports Fault

Question … is the drive truly faulty? Should I upgrade the firmware (there’s one available)? Anyone else experience this? TIA

Hi @rdms1,

Kindly refer to the article 2 and 4 Bay Internal Drive Replacement for WD My Cloud:

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I’m having this same problem. I don’t believe it’s an actual faulty drive. I went ahead and replaced both drives since I’ve had this mycloud mirror since around 2014, and… the day after replacing the drives, the red light for Drive 1 came on again.

I am, however, able to get it to clear after full scan (…takes 2 days…) and then rebooting. But, a day or so after, it will return. Rinse and repeating the scan and reboot shows no issues. I’m suspecting a problem with a recent update, but can’t confirm.

Any advice on how to solve would be much appreciated.