MyCloud Mirror and WD SmartWare can't see it any other software?

I use Windows 10 (work laptop, Lenovo T460), with some if the new Windows Upgrades or the McAfee Firewall upgrades (who knows what was first), I can’t see anymor ein my local network the NAS MyCloud with WD SmartWare (but I can see it if I do \ipaddress or from WEB https://ip ).
I uninstall and reinstall software: WD SmartWare. Problem not solved… disabled Firewall and many tests… but didn’t work… Is not the first problem I have about this software… problem is it don’t say didn’t work, no messages or something… so I decide to uninstall it and use other software…

There is any “FREE” software backup to NAS? I tested “AOMEI Backupper Trial”, but it cost 30 dolars… and is not the best software… do not have real time backup.
Any other experience with other products?

Best regards

@manjarblanco Do you own a My Cloud Home Duo or a My Cloud Mirror? This is the My Cloud Home sub-forum!

My cloud mirror, I close this and open new one on mirror.