MyCloud Mirror and WD SmartWare can’t see it any other software?

I use Windows 10 (work laptop, Lenovo T460), with some if the new Windows Upgrades or the McAfee Firewall upgrades (who knows what was first), I can’t see anymor ein my local network the NAS MyCloud with WD SmartWare (but I can see it if I do \ipaddress or from WEB https://ip ).
I uninstall and reinstall software: WD SmartWare. Problem not solved… disabled Firewall and many tests… but didn’t work… Is not the first problem I have about this software… problem is it don’t say didn’t work, no messages or something… so I decide to uninstall it and use other software…

There is any “FREE” software backup to NAS? I tested “AOMEI Backupper Trial”, but it cost 30 dolars… and is not the best software… do not have real time backup.
Any other experience with other products?

Best regards

Hi manjarblanco,

You should follow below provided steps in this concern.