Mycloud Miror NOT FOUND by my PC

i just bought a my cloud miror and conected it to my Linksyys router on one of the four out plugs.

The APP finds it.

I can see it on the Lynksis router mapping.

But does not appear to find it.
I click “get started” and the next page is “NO WD Miror FOUND ON THE NETWORK”

I checked cabling - I got three blue lights - and the conection plug is blinking green as it shoudl be.

Hi there,

Try to disable cloud access on the unit, then reboot the device, once the device ir rebooted turn on cloud access again, hope this helps.

Throw this piece of… It is a complete piece of junk.
I have never make it work with attached devices. Extremely low transfer between network devices, no My Cloud access. Very unreliable method of data storage not to mention a distance access.

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