MyCloud Logical Partition on my computer HD

Somehow, MyCloud created an APFS logical volume on my MAC OS X laptop computer HD, and it is taking up a huge amount of space (350 gig) I don’t think this is supposed to happen! I think it is a problem from when WD Discovery was discontinued. Can I just delete this? I am afraid if I delete it, then the MyCloud will want to re-sync with it and delete itself… ??? Help.

What is APFS Volume in Mac
Apple File System (APFS) is Apple’s answer to the issues caused by the traditional hard drive partition. In this, you can allocate disk space according to your need. Each of these partitions are called APFS containers (partition). If one container doesn’t have enough space, then it will share it with other individual volumes.
These volumes are clubbed into a set of volumes known as a volume group, each containing one volume for system files and another for data. In simpler terms, each volume as a separate partition.

@NoPlex and all, thanks for the info. I did search the knowledgebase before posting and did not find this stuff. Anyway, my question now, is… does this still happen if I am just using “Local Access” without using WD Discovery (which has been uninstalled)? I.e., should I avoid using local access except with a dedicated laptop? And… I would assume that this does not occur if I am just using the Web interface, right? Thanks for any insights.

From what I understood back then, it’s WD Discovery that was somehow renaming the Data logical partition.
Did it happen recently?
What version of WD Discovery are you using? I thought they had removed all the bits that were related to accessing My Cloud Home.

It is scary but I think you can rename it Macintosh HD - Data.