MyCloud locks my ADSL modem

Has anyone had issues with the MyCloud locking their ADSL modem. The device seems to run very well for about 4 hours, and then some sort of communication takes place that turns off Internet access on my modem. So far only solution is to restart the modem. If this cannot be fixed, kind of makes the product worthless.

Some UPnP instruction from MyCloud to your router?

I disable UPnP control of my router, as I don’t like the idea of software being able to open holes in my firewall.

I agree with that. UPnP is turned off on my router too. Completely disabled.

Thank you for the advice. I turned UPnP off. Now I wait for about four hours to see if it locks up. Let’s hope this fixes the issue.

Thanks for the advice.

Just want to add thanks to Myron and cot for the suggestion. This solved my problem.

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People tend to forget to update firmware in routers, if an update is available. Glad it’s been sorted. :smile: