MyCloud LED stays forever white


I bought a My Cloud device in the last time I went USA (I am from Brazil). I’ve been using it for at least a month. During this time I installed (via ssh) some applications in order to automate the syncronization between the device and google Picasa (below the list of software installed).

Everything was working just fine. However, after the last “Firmware” update, I had to reinstall everything again, and after a while the UI stopped working and, because of that I decided to reboot the device.

After that, my device LED has never turned blue again. It stays white all the Time, even after reseting the device using the physical button.

How can I get my device operational again?

****** Programs installed *******

sendmail 1.56-5
libio-socket-ssl-perl libnet-ssleay-perl perl






Cássio Rossi

Had the same issue, however I did not install anything via SSH, just used it for 5 hours, and when I set users and passwords I restarted the cloud from webui, and after that I could not log in to webUI anymore (accepted password, showed the main window, and put me back to login screen, and asked for password again and again and again).

Just a few questions, WHEN did you install the new FW, how did you do that (automatic, or manual from file), how long did it take from FW upgrade to White Led?

Hello Cassio,

I had the same problem since yesterday. I upgraded with the latets firmware and then powered it off. When I powered it on had the solid white light for 24 hours now. Just came back from work powered it off again (taking the power plug) unpluged the ethernet cable. I did the same thing with my router, swithed everthing off unpluged all the cables and waited for 2-3 minutes. Then powered the router, then the wd my cloud suddenly it was back to normal. I want to let you know I have changed the ethernet cable for the mycloud. Make sure the ethernet cable is inserted properly. I do not know if it would work for you (maybe I was just lucky) but I felt like letting you know. 

Good Luck


Bad news. Everything was fine till morning.Now I have solid red light. I can see the files but cannot copy :frowning:

Solid Red = bad drive

Last I heard, WD is still investigating white LED issue.  If you’re in a rush, return / rma the unit, otherwise wait for WD

Hi! the FW upgraded automatically. It took 7 days to loose UI access. In the 8th day I rebooted the system and then … “White LED”.

Afff… sorry about that, and thanks for your first suggestion … I tryed it, but no success. … :S

yesterday i had yellow light blinking and did have access to the data inside. i copied everything and rebooted in the morning and its back to normal again (blue light). it is very strange :neutral_face:

“yesterday i had yellow light blinking and did have access to the data inside. i copied everything and rebooted in the morning and its back to normal again (blue light). it is very strange”



You are lucky. :smiley:

This is not so strange must be the temperature related blinking yellow led.(too low or too high), not the network problem bliking yellow led or the no “documented” bricked yelow led i suffer now!



still I am having trouble. when i try to move a file from folder to a different folder I get the error message
“An unexpected error is keeping you from moving the file…
Error 0x8007003B: An unexpected network error occurred”

whether I click skip or cancel it still moves the file

would a format work
i do not know if I should ask WD to exchange the item. im very confused at the moment :slight_smile: