MyCloud keeps dropping

I am on my second MyCloud. The first is on its way back to WD due to failure. When I am trying to copy files onto the new MyCloud, the program that I am using (FolderSync on Mac) suddenly shuts down, randomly. The files are being copied, I just need to redo the whole thing which is taking time.

I did not have this problem with this program copying files from other drives. I also get dropped from the drive and need to relog on.

Considering purchasing a new box and removing the drive from the MyCloud and wipping it clean.

Is anyone else having issues like this? Or am I just unlucky to receive 2 pieces of junk.

ETA: I have tried this with a second program (Sync Folders Pro) and had same issue. Leading me to think it is more hardware related (MyCloud).


Do you experience the same results when performing a direct file management operation via Finder as opposed to a third party application? Some synchronization utilities may not fully support EXT4 disk drives.

Been away for a while, so delayed in responding.

Yes, regular, mac-based copying drops too. Been trying to copy a couple of folders that are in the ~50g range and in different times on both got an error saying it can’t copy because of permission error. Can’t find a way to change the permissions. When I go to the info for the folder, the ‘everyone’ it says ‘read.’ When I try to change that it won’t let me.

I am also having issuse with the ‘connecting.’ every time I try to open a new window from the MyCloud, it has to reconnect. I often am getting errors and need to re-enter my info. PITA.

Getting closer to wiping clean and using it as a plain-old-ordinary drive.