MyCloud iPhone app: files inside my shares are not showing


I am using the WD My Cloud app for iPhone 4. 

I have expirienced no issues with the app untill now.

I am connected to my device and I can select what share i want to view.

After I am inside my share folder i can see the first set of folders but after those there’s nothing!

It goes like this:

  • Devices


   - Shares










Now the problem is i can see my folders in my share folder “Dejan” but once i click them there’s nothing inside. I can see what’s inside my folders when I am on my Macbook Pro but when on the iPhone theres nothing, even if I refresh the page or wait an hour there’s nothing… It’s not just files that I can’t see, I cant’ even see the sub-folders after the main ones listed above. I could see everyting before but then suddenly this happens, any idea what might have caused this to happen? Thanks for the support!

Which NAS product are you using?   My Book Live / My Cloud NAS / etc.

I am not quite sure what you mean by “NAS product” but I have the WD My Clould 4TB. Is that what you were asking me about?

Since there are no replies here I wanted to ask where can I get support directly from WD?

I am traveling to Amsterdam in 1 month and I need this to work!!

Go to the Support section of WD’s main website to contact support.

OH MY GOD!!! :smiley:

I feel sooooo awesome right now!!!

I sat down with this problem now for 4 hours without any breaks and FINALLY I managed to figure out what was causing all this madness!!!

The reason why my folders (inside my shares) didn’t show any subfolders is because a while ago I decided to change the icon on the folders inside my private share. So for the “pictures” folder I used the macs own picture folder icon and same goes for the video, music etc. folders. 

How did I solve my problem? I just removed the icons and set it to the default one, tried again on my iphone and it now works as it should be!!! :smiley: Wooohooooo!!! :D 

… You all know that feel when you struggle with a technical issue and you finally manage to solve it, by yourself!! :slight_smile:


Had the same issue with iPhone/iPap app. Your solution works :smiley:. Weird though how the Android app doesn’t have this problem. Shows everything, plays everything.