MyCloud Home stuck in reboot loop (every few minutes)

I’ve been using a MyCloud Home for a few years, and suddenly it stopped working a few months ago. I’ve tried rebooting it, resetting it, and everything in between. All that happens is that when I plug it in, it boots up and then after about ~5 minutes, it reboots (light goes out and I can hear a sound when it does). In the meantime, it’s not even detected by the mobile app/ web page.

I don’t even see the white light pulsing or anything at all, just the normal white light. I’ve tried all the pinhole options (holding for a few seconds, holding for 30, holding for 60 seconds). I also finally detached the device from my account today, and that hasn’t helped either. Haven’t bothered trying to locate it manually, as it reboots every few minutes, so I don’t know how it would be functional anyway.

Tried everything I could think of and option I could find online in the last few months, and nothing has helped. Is it bricked?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: looking at some previous messages, after booting up, the light does go dim.

Hi @timewyrm,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Just curious if you were able to resolve this problem? The same thing is happening to me.