MyCloud Home, Sonos and private user spaces

I have a MyCloud Home and Sonos. I read and tried adding the MyCloud’s Z-drive folder (“Lind Music”) from the private user space, per (Actually, I don’t even have MyCloud listed in the public user space). I browsed to the Z drive and selected Lind Music and Sonos listed it as Z:\LIND MUSIC. When I clicked next, Sonos reported an error, "There is no shared folder “LIND MUSIC” on the computer “DESKTOP-XXXXXXXX”. What am I doing wrong?

Hi kihi.lind,

It is recommended to contact WD support to get resolution for this concern.

Please refer the links provided below for contact details.

This sounds like a problem with the Sonos Windows Desktop App itself which requires Sonos Support and not WD support as @Brandon.P suggested.
Would think WD Staff would know that LOL!!