Mycloud Home Software Problems and Functionality

I have been entirely unable to download the WD Discovery for Windows software to use with my Mycloud home and as I understand it, this software would be the only way to sync a folder on my pc onto the drive like how you can with One Drive and other cloud services. I need to be able to sync a folder to the cloud automatically instead of having to go into an app and manually upload things individually, did I purchase the wrong hardware? Is what I want even possible with that software? The instructions the device came with only had information about the app and web software, which I would like not not have to use for my purposes. Can anybody please help? If this thing is useless for my purposes, it is still within the return policy to take it back within the next 13 days so please be kinda quick in responding if you can, because I can’t afford to be stuck with this if I can’t use it how I need to.

So there is no way for me to have a folder on my pc that is essentially just hosted on this device? I am not the most tech savy, but the advertising for this device made this seem like it was possible? I thought it would work like a regular cloud service where it would just show up as a folder on my pc, but just be hosted on my own remote device? I have heard of Synology from when I was trying to read up on what NAS device to get, but a lot of those seemed like they were overkill for my purposes, I thought the MyCloud Home device would be able to do this, since it seems really basic, but if it doesn’t I will definitely be returning it and looking at other products. The DS120j with a 4tb hard drive seems like it wouldn’t cost that much more, would it be able to do what I need? Sorry, I honestly didn’t know where else to ask this because the information available online kinda ■■■■■ in this particular department if you aren’t SUPER read up on every aspect of it. Also if I got this Synology device, would I be able to access my files when off of the network?


My Cloud Home User Manual