MyCloud Home & PLEX server NIGHTMARE!

I’m using WD MyCloud Home 4TB version 7.13.0-160 with PLEX server version which is the latest update on both sides. Series of problems from a couple of months ago:

  1. After working perfectly for a few months, suddenly the whole media server is “unavailable”
  2. Upon re-configuring my media which is a hell of a headache & data usage, a few days later, the media server becomes “unavailable
  3. Last week, the PLEX automatically got disabled (on its own, without my input) and had to go through the entire hassle again.
  4. Upon enabling the PLEX and started configuring, after some library scanning, it got disabled again.
  5. the Last problem, though it shows enabled, I click configure, and then it shows

This page isn’t working right now can’t currently handle this request

I need HELP to solve this matter or at least a proper approach from WD


This worked for me, take it slow and careful, I used ptty software to access the back end of the my pr4100 os5