Mycloud Home - Family Folder

I apologise if this has been asked before… But I purchased the My Cloud Home as a way of saving all files on both mine and my wife’s computers. If I put files into the family folder from my computer it ends up having an exclamation mark (!) on the file. I want this Family folder so both me & my wife can read and write updated files to it… this is not working, I can write and update my files with no problem but trying to do this on the Family folder seems impossible. Any advice would be appreciated or is this just not capable of doing… in which case makes the unit virtually useless for me. Please help solve the problem

The files should have this sharing image icon and can be seen by anyone with a My Cloud Home Account and access to your My Cloud Home through guest invitation


Hi, I would like to ask if I can set the files in Family Folder to be “view only” by guest?
Thank you and appreciate any advice.

Anything is the family folder is fully read and writable to all users.
It’s not possible to set READ ONLY parameters with My Cloud Home

Well, I definitely cannot write to the Family folder on mine… something must be wrong.I can write to the folders only I can see but not the family one

@bruno2601 you may need to reboot the My Cloud Home from the Web or Mobile App under Settings.

@SBrown I had problems initially setting the unit up so ended up calling your helpline. One of your colleagues I spoke to did a reboot to get the unit working as it is now… so it has already had a reboot and I’m worried if I do another reboot it will stop it from working at all again. Like I said earlier I can autosave on my private folders but cannot autosave on the family folders even though the folders in the family file are Synced to MyCloud. so apart from the reboot is there anything else I can do first?

Sounds like some confusion.
There’s only one “Family Folder” for shareing on the MCH:

  • Device owner (you) can read and write files
  • Device guest (spouse) can read and write file
  • Both of you should be able to see access the content

@SBrown Re… your last message. I do not understand your comment ‘Sounds like some confusion’. I know there is only one ‘Family Folder’ on the MCH. I can read the files on the folder… my wife, as the guest, can also read the files on the same folder. Neither of us can autosave any new files on to this ‘Family Folder’. For example I have a document folder on my computer which is ‘SYNCED’ to Mycloud… If I create a new file for this document folder then save it on my computer it AUTOSAVES on Mycloud also… BUT… If I (or my wife) has a ‘SYNCED’ folder in the ‘FAMILY FOLDER’ and saves a document or picture to this folder, it DOES NOT AUTOSAVE onto Mycloud. That is my problem… anymore thoughts on this please?

I think that is where the confusion is coming in. When you use desktop sync it will sync the files to the MCH in a folder called “sync from desktop” IIRC this folder name cannot be changed. the “Family” folder that has been added for sharing purposes cannot be made the target of the desktop sync feature of WD discovery. This would be why syncing the folders using desktop sync do not auto write into the “Family” folder.

Using a computer or the mobile app you should be able to manually move any data you want into the “Family” folder. Once that is done all users would have access to those files. This folder however would not be synced in anyway to any file or folder on the computer.