MyCloud Home Backup not working

MyCloud Home 4TB Win 10. I have WD discovery and mobile app. I have set up the backup for the phone photos and that is working. I wanted to back up folders from my win 10 PC to the drive. It says it is syncing. It has been running for 72 hours and still isn’t finished.
Surely there is something wrong?
I used Acronis with MyBook live and that seemed to work. It stated what kind of backup was in operation.

WD discovery just says it is syncing but cannot really find out what that means exactly. Why is there no backup software? On the box it says ‘Backup’ and ‘multiple device backup’.

Can anyone help please? Am I missing some software?

Support probably won’t tell you why the private space that the app is syncing to is so slow, but you can find out it is very slow by benchmarking any folder on the private user space and you will get something like this which tells you that the speed is very close to zero for random writes:

There are a few solutions posted but it will take more than a few minutes most reader are willing to spend reading and understanding it.

Thanks for the reply. That is shocking to say the least. My ‘syncing’ is still going on!
I think trying to solve the problem is a waste of time for me. Probably try to get my money back and get another backup solution.
I have asked WD for an answer but no reply yet…
Thanks again.

WD backup just arrived on my machine. However it cannot find the WD MyCloud Home device? I think some one else had this experience. It did find dropbox???
It also appears that my system is being 'overloaded with the syncing that going on.
Still no response from WD support.