MyCLoud - folder summary - where to find?

Looking for folder summary info on WD My Cloud. In a Mac Finder window users can view how many items are in a folder. Knowing how many individual items are in a folder is a first step to determining if a transfer is successful or if folders on separate devices are nearly identical.

WHERE in the WD drive/My Cloud universe is this simple bit of info available?

Please elaborate the issue so that I can answer the question in better way.

What tool would you use on the folders on your Mac to find this ‘simple information’? If you use such a tool there, you can use it on the MyCloud, since the MyCloud is seen by the Mac as a network drive, behaving like an internal drive as far as file transfers and folder structures are concerned.

File transfers from Mac to MyCloud are successful unless Finder tells you it has had a problem transferring them. Or are you using something else to transfer files (if so, why?)?

My question is
“Where is folder summary info offered in the MyCloud interface?”
Any MacOS finder window shows at its bottom a count of items in the folder.

That’s all I want - a way to see how many items are in any folder on the WD. Without that count there is no way to tell how many items were actually copied.
Yes - I can connect to the WD drive as a remote disc to find the item count - but where is that bit of info in the WD interface?

don’t make this overly complex- if the info is not shown - that’s ok -