MyCloud failure to mount drive

For several days I have been unable to access data on my netdrive and get the error ‘Failure to mount drive’. I have tried re-booting and 4 sec and 40 sec reset without success. Sometimes it has a flashing white LED but mostly red. I have used it for several years with few problems with various router (currently Virgin Hub3). I use Windows 10. Performing short and long system diagnostics tests say OK but on the dashboard it shows 0kB free (which I doubt) and SCANNING as well as Critical in the diagnosis link (‘Content status - not mounted’).
WD support have sent me links to using SSH - but I have been a bit wary of trying this as not sure what I am doing!

@ChrisGads Use this link and see if any of this helps.

There seem to be several options on that page - is there a preference if using Windows 10?

I would really appreciate or help with this problem as I am really uncomfortable following the link suggested as the characters for the command line are not clear to me - see below
ls /
Is this first character a capital ‘I’ as in ‘Is’ or is it a lower case ‘l’ as in ‘line’ ?

Since there are warnings that the wrong command can destroy the data it is very scary - I am moderately competent with IT but by no means an expert and this is out of my comfort zone.

Also there seem to be several alternative programs to download - how do I choose the most approrpriate for Window 10?

Should say ‘more help’!

just realized you double posted i and replied to your duplicate post :confused: