MyCloud EX2 resets on each reboot


As mentioned in the subject, every time I reboot the EX2 (from the dashboard or by replugging the power if it freezes) it resets all settings. After reboot it asks me to set the admin password and after I log into the dashboard I see all my settings (users, network preferences, etc.) reset to default.

Is that the expected behaviour? If not, is there a way to prevent it from doing so?

Thank you.

I have just tried to perform a 40-second reset (system restore) and the result is exactly the same. Which leads me to believe that my device somehow performs a 40-second reset on each reboot.

You may want to post your question to the dedicated EX2 subforum where people more familiar with the EX2 may be able to assist. This subfourm (My Cloud) is primarily for the single bay My Cloud units.

I’m sorry, I did not realize there was a specific EX2 subforum. I have moved the thread.