MyCloud Drops Network Fix

OK… I should start out by saying this is probably only a fix that will apply to some of you, but to those of you that it helps… great!  I have the 4T version that I got about a week ago and no matter what I tried it would work for awhile and then it woudl drop out of the network… I couldn’t access it from the browser, through the file manager… no way… it became inaccessable.  I’ve tried every possible setting in the dashboard… I tried all of the fixes recommended in the SSH thread and every other thread, including setting a static IP and such.  I did notice one thing though, it always seemed to drop when I attached my USB drive… kind of pointless to have a USB port if you can’t use it… anyways, the bottome line is this… I was using a brand new WD Red 2T drive in the USB with about 500G of data… I just assumed that since its a high end Red drive, made by the same company that produces the MyCloud that it would be compatable… NOT… I took the drive out and plugged in a standard 1T green drive and boom… I’m in business… I tried 3 more drives, and they all worked for 24 hrs with not dropping… I plugged the Red back in and as you have already figured out… the network gets dropped… Now maybe I’m hashing out something that has long ago been figured out, but I couldn’t find anything about it here, and I figure if I can save someone the ungodly amount of hours I have spent trying to get this thing working, then great…  If this has already been said somewhere else, then I’m sorry I wasted your time…

just curious did you connect all these drives with the same SATA to USB adapter? it would be interesting to see what WD has to say about this.

I have seen other posts about the mycloud being picky about USB drives but never with network drops.