MyCloud displays a solid red light on the device

I am not sure what steps I should take first. It has been in this state for a while.

While the front led is a solid red, the Ethernet port’s led is blinking green.

My MyCloud model is WDBCTL0040HWT 1st gen, 4tb.

@Hathirah Have you looked at the User Manual, Chapter 2 Page 7? Try that and if you can’t solve the problem come back here for more assistance.

Sorry, try what exactly?

I went to that page but it didn’t have any further instructions on what I should do.

@Hathirah If you looked at the User Manual and the causes for a Red LED and checked all of those and found none of them to be the cause then your drive or device must be bad, time to buy a new device.


You can look at this list too from the Knowledge Base.

I am trying to verify the causes from the list given but I can’t seem to access the dashboard.

@Hathirah You haven’t said anything about your computer and what operating system you are using.
If it is Windows 10 and you have WD QuickView have you tried to shut it down using that and give it time to cool down before restarting it? See example image below.


Have you received any emails about this happening before you noticed the red LED? See example below that I received Thursday when I rebooted my devices.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I use a Windows 10 Desktop.

I sadly do not have QuickView installed.

However I did gave the device a few hours to cool down but it didn’t improve the situation.

@Hathirah The hard drive inside may be bad, you can try to replace it your self or send it to WD for repair. It may be something on the Control Board has gone bad. See images of the inside of the device.