setup for MyCloud connected to bridge?

Hope I explain this clearly: I have cable modem wired to Dlink router in center of house for coverage. I have old Linksys router with DD-WRT firmware connecting wirelessly to Dlink router and installed in my office. I have my MyCloud drive connected to that Linksys router, which has been configured as a wireless client bridge.

I can browse to the IP address of the MyCloud from inside my home network, and see the control panel, which is indicating that “Cloud access status” is connected.

But when I try to set up (for the second time) access from (where I have a login, from previous connection), it seems unable to “find” my MyCloud device.

Is that because it’s “behind” this bridge?

Did you sign up for account from dashboard?

As is a remote access feature of My Cloud device which doesn’t affected by bridge connection. After setup of dashboard, need to sign up for account from dashboard then use invitation link provided by WD on registered email account, to sign up for account.