see only 1 my device

Hi, I have 2 My Cloud EX2 Ultra devices registered for the same mycloud account. The problem is that from only 1 shows me ( last added ) . The mobile app is working properly i see both. There is a possibility switching between them in web page ???
Thank you.Mycloud

Click the Gear icon to access the device list

Hi thank you for reply. But still not working.
Mobile app work properly

but web interface show only 1 i dont know why. Before instal second NAS i see 1st with no problem.

I try refresh many times with no effect.

The Mobile app screenshot shows that you’e ADMIN on the 2TB (gear icon) and a normal user on the 20TB which tells me that you did not SIgn in to on the mobile app and perhaps may have just added the devices while connected to the local LAN. Is this the case? are you using the same email address for the My Cloud User on both devices?

Yes, the email is the same in both devices. I have admin access to both devices. that gear is shown in both when I click on the other. App work with wifi local Network and work with mobile LTE. Like i say before connected 2nd NAS (20tb) i see the 1st (2tb) in this mycloud acc properly. Maybe i try backup and factory reset 1st NAS if it could help.

So the reset to the complete factory reset helped. I dont know why but it helped. Thank for trying help